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Thread: MOEN Diverter Off In Middle Position??? Help

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    Exclamation MOEN Diverter Off In Middle Position??? Help

    OK, I think I am a moron, but I can not figure out why my Positemp diverter is ff in the middle position and water turns on when you go left or right. It is supposed to be off when turned all of the way to the right.. I probably put the handle or stop on incorrectly. Someone w/ insight please help. Pete

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    Is it a push/pull right or left faucet?

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    Default Sorry, it is a right/left faucet

    I think I need to remove the handle and turn the brass part 180 and reattach the handle in the same position. Is that the case??

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    Call Moen Customer Service (800-BUY-MOEN). They're open Saturday and very helpful.


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