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    My plumber came over to repair a leaky drain pipe to the toilet and noted that the pipe leading down from the toilet was smashed. He said it had been like that for years, probably a shift in the structure before foundation work was completed years ago. A year ago last May, I paid him $250 "a bargain" to do an "acid bath" on my old toilet instead of replacing it when it was clogged. he told me it would do no good to run a auger thru an old toilet like this and my toilet would last another 50 years if I bought this acid bath. He said he would pull the toilet, take it outside and run the chemical through the toilet. The other day when he discovered the pipe I asked him why he didn't see the smashed pipe when he pulled the toilet before and he said he never pulled the toilet, he just ran an auger or he would have caught this. Apparently, he forgot he ripped me off a year and a half ago, because now he recalls he ran an auger thru at the time to fix the toilet and did not pull it or do ana acid bath. he very recently charged me $400 to repair the bent pipe. I'd like to find out what the auger should have cost, so I can take the rest of what he charged for the acid bath out of this recent bill. What should I have paid for the auger?:

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    It depends on what the shop charges. There is no standard price structure, you pay more in urban areas, less in rural. I would shop around for a different plumber.

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    I don't know why he'd have to pull the toilet to do an "acid bath" anyway. You can buy a toilet cleaner with 23% hydrochloric acid from 3M and just pour it in the bowl. I would still use an auger first anyway if it wasn't draining well, and use the acid bath to remove old mineral stains and deposits after.

    You can try to deduct something from your bill. But if he takes you to court, you can't prove anything. Just his word against yours.

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    Default cost

    Maybe his memory is not as good as yours and he really did do the "acid bath", but if so, he did it the hard way. I am also concerned about this "bent pipe". What was the pipe made of, since most materials will not "bend". A closet auger will only remove an object in the toilet, it will not "clean" it, so using it on a toilet that needed an acid treatment would have done absolutely no good at all.


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