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Thread: Replacement tub/shower unit?

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    Default Replacement tub/shower unit?

    Hello all members of this forum...
    My name is Jim Lanning and I have just gutted my bathroom and am replacing the fiberglass shower/tub with a new one.

    Can you advise me on getting a new bath/tub unit? I am going to have to get a 4 piece unit to fit into my smaller bathroom area... Like a 60 x 32 inch replacement.

    I have found this one... http://www.lyonsindustries.com/produ...h_3260tub.html
    at ******* but think it a low end replacement.
    Please advise/

    Thanks in advance
    Jim Lanning

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    Not familiar with that brand. Is it available in your local area? You do not want to order something like this over the net and pay UPS or LTL for delivery!

    Other manufacturers also make these. E.L. Mustee is one, and the best reputation is possibly the Vikrell by Sterling (Kohler).

    All of these have are fibreglass construction with some sort of Acryic finish. Not as hard as porcelain, but if you scrupulously keep it clean, never using harsh chemicals or scrubbers, you can get many years of service.

    I do prefer the types we are talking about....your Lyons unit, as well as the Mustee and Sterling....that is they are a heavy fibreglass construction, and install right to stud walls. As opposed to the very thinwall units you may see in a homestore, which must be glued to a solid wall substrate like greenboard.

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    Thanks so much on the lead on the sterling products. Seems like the place to start looking for a shower tub stall....I think they look great. They have the Aclaim model up at home depot....for $350


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