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Thread: water volume adjust for shower/bath faucets

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    Default water volume adjust for shower/bath faucets

    I was at HD today looking at some Delta and Moen tub/shower faucets and and only saw a couple Delta faucets that you can actually adjust the volume of water to come out. The others just had a lever that you turn to get the temperature you want. Why have they all gone to just having this adjustment?

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    Its a cost consideration.The valves without a volume control are speced probably 5-1 over the ones without said volume control.

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    Pressure balance valves are easier to engineer if there is no volume control. Thermostatic valves more commonly have a volume control. Most tub/shower applications are run wide open, so why modulate the volume?
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    if your looking for a moen valve that has volume control, take a look at the moentrol (model #3520 (cc) or #3510 (IPS). that valve has volume control and temp control also.

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    Default Delta

    Get the Delta 1700 series valve which has both controls and is superior to the Moen version. If you dealer has the new Delta body, then you want that and the 1700 trim for it.

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    The reason for the volume adjustment in the tub is so you can turn it to low when rinsing off small kids. Also, when you turn the shower on the temperature is already set from the last time you had a shower.


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