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Thread: Toto Aquia II review, learnings

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    Default Toto Aquia II review, learnings

    There's a general Aquia comment thread that got very long. So here's an Aquia II conversation opener.

    After lurking here and posting a few questions, we chose an Aquia II for our downstairs bathroom. I never anticipated loving a toilet and thinking it is "fun" to use! Strange but true. It works great, we find it aesthetically pleasing even in our 1948 home. We've had it in for about 5 weeks.

    I'll share a few learnings, which are not meant to discount the fact that we like this toilet very much. As a short person (5-1), even though I thought we were getting a non-ADA model, we both agree it is a bit too tall for our comfort. The Toto soft close seat is a bit wide for us, too. The flush actuator pins (plastic tubes that fit in the buttons) were too short, so our plumber used two quarters on top of the tower in order to get the pins to work correctly. We still need to order replacement pins from Toto. Flushing correctly is a little different motion and rhythm than a regular lever toilet in order to get the correct water output. In another thread on this board, it was described as a full jab. Because our water fill valve location was a bit close, it took the plumber 2 1/2 hours to install this toilet! I still think this was rediculous, and am sort of kicking myself for not just doing it myself.

    I had planned to use a big box seat, but our plumber said other brand seats could not be used with the Aquia II. This turns out to be wrong, the Toto seat doesn't fit us so well.

    Sorry this is long, but hope it may be of help to someone. This board has been so helpful to me that I wanted to report back. Thank you, Terry, and all the pros who are so generous with their knowledge.

    The Aquia II is 1/2" higher then a normal toilet.
    My grand kids don't have a problem with that height, nor do they have a problem with the seat.
    Ages 4 and 5
    Unless the shutoff is right behind the bowl, there is no reason to move it.
    It does take us an extra 30 minutes for the installation of one of these.
    The two quarters on the on the tower is a nice trick, or Toto will send new plastic rods that can be trimmed to size.
    Terry Love
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