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Thread: Tub Drain Stopper Replacement

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    Default Tub Drain Stopper Replacement


    I would like to replace my existing bathtub drain stopper with a new one because it is difficult to rotate the knob which raises and lowers the stopper (impossible if your hand are wet). Have taken it apart in the past and lubed it up, but the problem returns after a few months. Photos of existing setup are attached below. I think it is a poor design. It was installed in 1987 when the house was new.

    A few questions:

    1) I do not have access from the floor below due to a finished ceiling - but I do have an access from the wall at the facet end (interior wall). Based on the photos, is this an easy job or a difficult job? Any tricks or tips that you care to share?

    2) Is there a manufacturer or namebrand that I should ask for - ie. one that is reliable and will not get stiff over time like this one did? Local plumbing store recommends Gerberit (spelling?).

    3) Is there a special tool which makes the the drain piece in the bottom of the tub easier to unscrew - see photo attached.

    Thanks in advance for your advice/recommendations?
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