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    I know Steve talked about this quite a few times, but, I found an advertisement for it in our local paper. I am not sure, if he ever posted a website address, it is as follows: www.angieslist.com

    I am going to check it out later.

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    I recommend that you search around this and other forums, and google around as well. Not all the reports about angies list have been favorable. Trade people have to pay for referrals, and do not like a lot of "lookie-loo" calls. I have read comments that some of the better people do not use the list anymore, because the cost/return did not work out.

    I have no personal experience on either side of the equation, so this is just 3rd party feedback. Just do your research.

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    Default list

    I may have to check it out, just to see how they operate. All of the referral services I have been acquainted with have been unsatisfactory. Some people think they should get a discount for using the service, while others have a prioritized referral either by zip code or rotation spot on their list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie
    This goes by zipcode. I had to put my zip in. No problem. I found my roofer comes highly recommeneded, which I already knew. I am going to put a comment there for the roofer though, because he did a great job on the roof, his price was very reasonable, which all customers did comment on, and he is extremely nice, which again all the customers commented on plus, of course the extremely good work he did. I would absolutely hire him, again, no problem their.

    So far as one plumber. Well, he is the plumber/ceramic tile/ handyman --he is commented on under them all, and none too favorable. Would like to make my comment that this is the plumber from hell, but, I will be nice. I will also, be honest.

    It is interesting, too look at those. I am sure glad though, lol, no one can check up on me like this, LOL. I am not so sure it is really ethical. It does invade somewhat someone's privacy. Is it constitutional? lol.

    Praise the roofer and slam the plumber. If you are absolutely positive poor workmanship was the issue, they deserve the black eye coming to them. I would deserve the same if I was doing ill-respect towards customers in my profession.

    Being nice to those who take of you is a matter of one's reasoning. I couldn't hand the thief a plate of cookies at my door everytime they stop by to steal from me.

    Actually.....in that system those you give reports on (if they are a member themselves) can see what kind of reports you give to others.....and who you've dealt with in regards to service providers. If you are notorious for being hard-nosed or nitpick contractors to death......well....not only the SP's but other Angie's List clientell will judge whether your intention is to bash or give a legit rating on the SP.

    Most if not all of the members are really decent......and when you hear of their complaint of the contractor.......most of the time it is justified and the SP's have to answer for it. It really makes us as service providers accountable for offering the best service to our customers. Those who think it is a hayride to mow down their customers because they can't do much to hurt their public relations? Welcome to Angie's List and it will tarnish your name if the area you live in has a large population of members. Not exactly getting any ground in your bad movements towards others.

    A service provider has to be accountable that his private experience with a customer can instantly become public when they take missteps and take advantage of their customer.

    It's a public experience all the time for those to talk of others when they do good work; same applies for bad.

    Do me a favor and call them tell them you are moving to Cincinnati/Kentucky area and would like to know of the plumbers in that area....

    When you inquire by phone it will show up on your "recent categories" or "recently viewed" specific SP's.

    Check out my reports/status with them and you'll see why I get bent on people half-assing work for others.

    Just about all of that AL base are people who got screwed by SP's. Then I come around cleaning up all the messes.

    I have pictures on my cell phone of a contractor (Mr. Handyman) who came in and needed to fix a floor where a toilet had been leaking. I tell the customer to get the floor renewed, don't let them drill the hole for the new flange; I'll take care of the rest.

    When I figure out how to get those pictures up I'll finish the story and you'll hear the response that company tried to tell me and the customer that we both didn't know how to fix plumbing. ????

    You don't have to watch the WWF to see a body slam after her and I dealt with this company. It was fun.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Talking angies list-----the shake down ---and my story

    I am a happy member of Angies list.....

    but I feel that Angies list is not actually honest and upfront
    about the contractors on their list.....

    when I originally tried to get on their list I was told that only
    through rferrals from angies list members could I be "blessed"
    with membership...

    once I was granted this great honor, I was apporached by the salesman at Angies list and politely asked to advertise in their monthly publlication.....

    I was stunned to find out that to have a business sized card in
    their monthly flyer that only goes out to about 35,000 people in our state region, it would cost me about $900.......yes thats right
    $900...a month.. this is higher than a good sized ad in the big yellow page book!!!!!

    Then I was told that if I advertised with them I would get preferrential treatment and would be on their-- "best buddies"--
    list of contractors that they recommended to perspective
    customers....over the phone....

    I politely declined, which they said was ok too.---they just would
    not highly recommend me (now aint that sweet)

    Since that time, I have been made aware of a number of other plumbers in
    town that have terrible track records but are still on Angies list...

    one such person put in a 40 gal gas water heater for a customer for $1500 and then gave the customer a 10% angies list discount!!!!!!
    wow , what a deal.....

    and now it makes me curious to wonder if Angie looks the other way
    for these $$Advertiseing buddies $$ when they gouge and mess up

    COOOKIE would you not say that this is
    what they call in the book

    ------a shake down of sorts????

    I do use their logo,
    but I am not going to bribe them for work...
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    Indy is home base for AL. I agree with your statement about preferential treatment to their paid advertisers.

    I ran a 12 word ad for 2 years when I first got involved with them; got 1 call for an estimate 21 miles away which I turned down.

    They screwed up an honor roll advertisement of mine that should of never been sent to print and even though it was printed and looked horrible.....they refused to give my money back or run a correction.

    They haven't recieved one red cent since that mistake and I stand out on that system since I have no advertising with them whatsoever.

    Been that way for almost 3 years now and that won't change.....otherwise, like you say above.....it taints the trueness of the system.

    One plumber in Cincinnati has 224 reports to my small 55. You know why too.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.


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