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Thread: Confused about TOTO and Consumer Reports

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    Question Confused about TOTO and Consumer Reports

    Ok so after reading the Consumer Reports article, updated October 03, I thought I had figured out what toilet to purchase.

    After finding this website tonight I am even more confused.

    The Briggs Vacuum model tested the best at CR but gets ripped here.

    The TOTO Ultramax gets ripped on CR coming in at 20 out of 28th.

    I am thinking I should purchase the TOTO 774 for $229 but no I don't know what to think.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This consumer report, Terry Love's is based on "consumer" input. It's based on the input from hundreds of homeowners, plumbing contractors and water district's independent testing.
    Someone has to get it right and we do.

    The 'CR" report was "two guys" in a warehouse flushing sponges.
    It was not a "real world" test.
    What is the qualification of those "two guys"?

    I think the homeowners have done a much better job.
    This report is updated monthly with new models, emails and phone calls from around the country.
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    Print out the entire toilet report that Terry is talking about. You'll see how thorough, complete, realistic (they used bean paste to simulate fecal material) and unbiased the report is (really interesting too actually). That study, combined with the hundreds of customers that Terry (and other plumbers here) have dealt with show how good the Toto is.

    You can add my "personal" report too: The Toto Drake is amazing, without being too graphic- I can not plug it up, and I'm not talking about flushing it by holding the handle down until the entire tank drains and it looks like the Colorado River just splashed through the bowl like a lot of "low flow" toilets. One activation and it's gone- silently, quickly and without splashing. My wife is going to strangle me if I tell her again how awesome that toilet is.


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