Goulds J+ 1/2hp JetPump, estimated 8 years old.
Cut-in is 30 PSI, cut-off is 50 PSI.
Pump won't reach 50 PSI anymore when running. Only reaches 47 PSI and keeps running. I have to flip the circuit breaker off and back on. Pressure maintains 47 PSI when water is not in use so I know there's not a leak between the pump and the well. I installed a new pressure switch and it still won't reach 50 PSI. Luckily with this new switch I can lower the 20PSI differential. Now cut-in is at 25 and cut-off is at 45. Though I no longer have to manually turn my well pump off can anyone tell me why I can't get 50 PSI out of my pump? Is there a servicable part on the pump that needs cleaning? Thanks!!!