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Thread: exhaust fan grille substitution

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    Question exhaust fan grille substitution

    Would I create any unwelcomed problems if I were to substitue the fan grille with a ventilation grille off a refrigerator?

    Challenge:The designer is placing a spot light above the tub within a soffit that is also to accomodate the exhaust fan.
    The fan grill/grate that comes out of the box does not compliment the style we are looking for[/B].

    Proposed solution: As a remedy, I would like to place a refrigerator grill that would provide as much area as the out of the box grille. The soffit is a small enough area so it will create a vacuum allowing the exhaust fan to do its job.

    Any suggestions could be emailed to wig@mn.rr.com

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    A fan grille is just like a piece of trim. It's mostly for looks. Having said that, your CFM will vary with the size of the openings in the grille, and if you restrict flow too much, you may burn out the fan motor prematurely.

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