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Thread: Toto UltraMax vs. Bristol

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    Default Toto UltraMax vs. Bristol

    I need a toilet and I am trying to decide which Toto to get. I am down to 2 models: UltraMax and Bristol.

    Is it worth the extra $$ to go with the UltraMax since it has the G-Max Technology? Does it make that much difference?

    I wasn't going to get the Sana Gloss and I like the looks of the Bristol better.

    Please help me decide.

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    Either one will work well.

    I think your sense of style should come into play here.
    On those toilets mentioned, they both have 3" flush valves and 2.125" trapways.
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    Just my $.02 here but I have a Toto with the G-MAX system and it's awesome. Has ALWAYS fully flushed everything in the year+ I've had it. I also like the fact that it doesn't take long to refill the tank. It must have a larger opening in the fill valve then most other toilets.

    Spend the few extra dollars...you'll have this thing for years.



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