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Thread: Preferred Pex Brand

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    Default Preferred Pex Brand


    I am going to be runnning some PEX in the wet wall to the attic for future use. The PEX is for the Hydro Coil that I will be installing on the attic air handler. I was planning on using Kitec IPEX. I like the aluminum core due to the shape it tends to hold. I will also be insulating this PEX to minimize heat loss in transfer.

    What brand/type you guys like?


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    Talking wirsbo pex

    the kitech pex does not seem too good to me....

    I dont like the joints and someting tells me its gonna

    be trouble some day

    it does not seem as durable as the Wirsbo pex stuff...

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    Default Re: PEX pipe

    I prefer Wirsbo or Rehau and esp. the Rehau joining system. I have done two jobs w/ PEX, and I LOVE IT!! If I can attach a pic I'll send it along. Darn it, my pic files are too big, any suggestions on how to shrink or reduce image qual. without losing the pic?rmcgillvray@kpunet.net


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