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Thread: 2" Waste and Overflow for shower/footbath?

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    Default 2" Waste and Overflow for shower/footbath?

    Hi all!

    I have searched the forum and found many good answers to questions I have had, but not this one...

    I am going to build a kerdi shower with a drain stopper and overflow to have 4" of water in the bottom of the shower for warm feet in cold winter. It will be a shower, so it needs a 2" drain, but I need the stopper and overflow, which I cannot find in 2". I don't want a popup drain stopper, I want to have the stopper in the pipe or under the drain so that there is nothing to stub a toe on.

    Anyone know of such a thing?

    Lenexa, Kansas

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    I think you'll be sorry if you do that, for a lot of reasons. I'd try to do an electrically-heated shower floor instead. Put that baby on a timer set to go off 15 minutes or so before your morning shower and you'll have a nice toasty shower without all the plumbing and cleaning hassles. I'd check out the idea on the John Bridge forum first, though, and have the experts there comment.

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    try www.johnbridge.com for some ideas, comments, critiques.
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    I've been to the John Bridge Forums and found it to be a great site. It's where I first saw Kerdi and decided to use it.

    I have found a couple of people there who have made similar footbath things. I believe that they used a 1 1/2" W&O, calling it a "bathtub", but I think that having 2" would make for less hassle, better draining, etc, so I wanted to ask some other plumbers if they were familiar with such a product.

    I like the idea of heated tiles, but the electricity and water thing makes me hesitate.

    Thanks for your help!


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