I need to replace my tub spout and I am currently on my 3rd one. I had a handyman come in and look at the first one that was leaking and he originally said there were pits in the copper pipe coming out of the wall and that it might need to be replaced or soldering might fix it. Then he emails me the quote and says the problem is a faulty tub spout and to buy another one. So I did that and installed and it still leaked from the back of spout where the set screw sits. I have a smooth 1/2' copper pipe coming out of the wall so I bought the first universal tub spout and installed that according to the directions and it leaked. When I took it off and took it apart I noticed that the screw you are suppose to tighten onto the adapter does not line up with the cut out in the adapter. So I bought another one thinking that was defective but this time I checked before installing it and it looks like it is set up the same way.

I read on some other sites that these universal tub spouts are pretty crappy and do not work well. The first one I had put one was out of one of those trim kits. So should I even bother with these universal tub spouts or should I go to a plumbing supply store and buying a better model. I am not sure that the pits are not causing the leak either but from some of the other sites I have been too this type of leak is common with installation.