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    Anyone know of a reason I can't use PEX down a well, it would not be supporting the pump.


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    pex is great stuff - never thought about that use. But how are you supporting the pump? Probably could hang it as well using insert fittings.

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    Oh, should have told you about the next project.

    I installed windmill about 5 years ago, never put pump in... too busy. so I have this set up as, 1/2 hp on the bottom, plumbed thru a nipple and tee'd out to an el, and then plan to go up thru PEX. The straight portion of tee is plumbed thru a nipple to a ball valve (closed) and then to a nipple, tee (with windmill strainer attached thu nipple & el), nipple and then to the brass wind pump. Idea is to separately meter the water produced by the elec pump and the windmill pump... the ball valve is only there to provide a physical connection between the elec pump and wind pump. I know they make adapters to go straight thru wind pump, however I didn't want the extra wear and tear.

    So to answer the question the pumps with be hung on 2" galvanized, elec wire and PEX tywrapped to 2".



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