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Thread: Bath tub replacement cost?

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    Question Bath tub replacement cost?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning to replace my old bath tub with new one.
    New one will be “Steam Shower + Hot Tub + Sauna”
    complete unit (tub with all walls and ceiling).
    Some plumbing and electrical job will be required.
    Electric box is right below bathroom so wiring should not
    be a big deal. Water supply and drain piping will need some
    rearrangement. Old tiles will go away but there is no need
    for new tiles. All dimensions are the same.
    I know there is no straight answer for this question
    (many things are very individual) but what is typical
    cost for bath tub replacement job?

    Thank you,

    - Vitaliy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitaliy
    but what is typical
    cost for bath tub replacement job?

    Thank you,

    - Vitaliy
    Well, this is FAR from a "typical" tub replacement.

    I assume you have priced the unit itself, which I am guessing is $4 grand +?

    Sight unseen, I will just throw out a wild guess of $450 for electrical work, $1000 for plumbing. Permits probably $250. Can't even guess about the demo. or finish work.

    This is really a wild guess, because I can't see your house, and rates vary widely from place to place.


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