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Thread: British Standard Plumbing Thread - Plugs

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    Hello All

    I'm looking for a source for 1/2" male BSPT plugs (brass, or....?) so that I can test a plumbing rough-in prior to closing the plumbing in the walls. Does anyone have a clue for me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    They can be hard to find without ordering quantities. If you have an account, McMaster Carr sells them by the piece. For testing you may also consider stainless steel; sometimes they are cheaper. Another source may be a company that supplies hydraullic hoses and fitting; sometimes they have a broader selection. There was an online retailer that sold metric and BSPT (& BSPP) fittings; they specialized in metric hardware. But, I don't have time to search for the comapany name. Also, I have heard of people using regular old NPT with BSPT in smaller pipe sizes. I never tried it so your mileage may vary. The main difference between BSPT & NPT is the thread pitch (55 vs 60)


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