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Thread: Basement bathtub/ pump options?

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    Question Basement bathtub/ pump options?

    I am doing a complete remodel of our basement and would like to add a tub to the bathroom. I want to avoid cutting into the concrete to plumb the tub, and would like to route the tub into the stack, which is located right next to where I would like to install the tub. The stack and existing plumbing is cast iron.
    1.) What type of pump would allow me to do this?
    2.) What manufacturers offer this type of pump?
    3.) What alternatives do I have?

    Thanks for the advice, I am curious to see how I can address this project as easy as possible. Isn't that the way we all want to do it?

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    The tub has to be vented and trapped, so unless you mount it on a platform, you'll have to cut concrete. The vent may be another potential pain to install, just depends on what is there now. You need 1/4" per foot drop from the tub drain to the stack. Does the stack exit from the house below the basement floor or through the wall above the floor? If above the floor, you'd need an ejector pump, if below the floor, you may not, but it is possible you might.
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    Thanks for the reply Jim.
    The stack exits the house under the floor.
    The vent runs parallel to the stack and is capped at the bottom of the pipe, so the vent isn't a problem. Actually, now that I think about it, building a platform may be a very cool aesthetic. We were going for a "spa" kind of feel with this room and are planning on a whirlpool tub.
    The only thing is that could be a problem is the 5" cleanout that is right at the base of the stack. On the backside of the cleanout is a 8" section that I could use to tap into the stack at that point, but would that effect the integrity of the cast cleanout? Perhaps cutting into the floor may be easier at this point.
    Thanks again,


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