I'm remodeling a bathroom, and didn't realize there was any measuring to fitting in a new toilet - I just went to Home Depot and picked a bottom and a tank. The base went in just fine. When I went to set the tank, it won't fit - it would lean forward quite a bit. The problem is that it is too close to the wall. After going back to Home Depot, I realized there was some measuring to be done. At home, I measured 9 1/2" from the back wall to the bolts on the installed toilet. I'm thinking that that is where the flange measurement would be, that it seems everyone is saying should be 12"? Then I measured to the front of the base of the toilet (on the floor), and it only measures 22". Am I ever going to find a toilet to fit this space, and please tell me I don't have to take the toilet out and start over. It's not returnable! Please give me some advice.