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Thread: Rear discharge toilet mount question

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    Default Rear discharge toilet mount question

    Looking for info.
    I'm considering a rear discharge toilet in a remodel project.

    My plan is to put a small bathroom backed up to the utility room wall. This wall was previously an exterior wall and has an iron sewer clean-out from the washing machine discharge protruding through the wall at just about the right highth for the proposed toilet. (Probably too convenient to be true)

    Can the rear discharge toilet be connected, functionally, (I'll make up appropriate fittings) to the iron sewer clean out port?
    Do rear discharge toilets require some length of horizontal run to properly flush? Mom wouldn't like the black water in the washing machine.


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    Default toilet

    1.You have to determine what size that cleanout is. If it is in a cast iron pipe, it may be 3 1/2" so there will not be anything you can use to connect the toilet to it.
    2. The cleanout is in that location for a reason, so if you can use it, you should provide a replacement somewhere.

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    Default more rear discharge toilet

    Thanks HJ

    What about the possibility of a PVC sanitary T installed where the current cleanout T is located?



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