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Thread: Condo on a concrete slab

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    Default Condo on a concrete slab

    Therefor all of the downstairs plumbing is in the walls and not in the sub floor (as there is none). I am remodeling the DS bath, and desperatly trying to find a NEW solution for the toilet. It must be a wall flush design. Also, idealy, the toilet would still rest on (and attach to) the floor, only flush into the wall (as did the original). However, I don't want to spend a fortune for the replacement. Any ideas???

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    Floor mounted, rear outlet toilets are mainly pressure assist units now.
    Gerber 21-310
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    To name a few.

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    Thanks for the ideas! Anything else that anyone might suggest???

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    Terry pretty well summed it up. A rear discharge will be more expensive , and the fact that most will also be pressure assist means yuo will be in the $350 to $500 range. If you pay someone to relocate the drain, the labor will run you much more than that. This sounds like a fairly big job for DIY.

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    Looks like I'll probably just use the old one then. Maybe once I clean it up and replace the tank internals, it will be OK. Since this toilet is over 25 years old, do I need to worry about any of the bowl sections 'internal' plumbing? Does that peice ever fail or begin to leak? Can I test (pressure?) to make sure I won't ruin the new tile floor and sheet rock on the walls with a faulty toilet?


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