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Thread: delta faucets won't flow, help if possible

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    Default delta faucets won't flow, help if possible

    Hello everyone, new to this forum. My father was a master plumber so I have some experience from working with him, but this one I've never seen.
    We just bought a house and I have three of the Delta single round handled ball type sink faucets in the bathroom. The house was built in 1987, but I don't think these are the originals. Not knowing if water would squirt out when I took the handle off of two of them to clean them, I shut the valves off under the sink. After putting the handles back on, turned the valves back on, turned on the faucets, the water is barely a trickle on both faucets. Anyone have any idea why. All I can find on Delta is about leaking faucets, nothing on faucets that don't flow.

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    Remove and clean the aerators on the faucets. Sometimes, when you turn the water off and then on, you get a bunch of crud that has worked its way loose.

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    I had a similar issue, except for me only the hot water faucet had water coming out. Sometimes "stuff" gets clogged in either the shut off valve or the faucet valve. Try turning off the shut off valves, unhooking the each line to the faucet, place the line in a bucket and turn it on to flush anything that -may- be in the shut off valve. Sometimes just turning the shut off valve on-off will free it up without having to go throught the above steps. IF you get water flow from the lines then you know the problem is in your faucet valves - you will need to take them apart and clean out any "stuff".

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    I had a shutoff valve which was blocked at least 80%, leading to low cold water flow in a Delta kitchen faucet. I couldn't figure out why since I couldn't see the blocked area even after removing the supply line to the faucet. I could only see it when I took the entire valve off since it was on the upstream side of the valve.

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    You can clean out everything in one swell foop by shutting off the water, disassembling the valve as you did before, leave it disassembled and turn the water back on slowly, just enough to allow water to flow out the fixture. You could also invert a bucket over the fixture and turn the water on with some force if you want to be sure of getting everything.

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    Default valve

    If the amount of water flow does not change as you move the handle from all hot to all cold, then the aerator on the end of the spout is plugged up


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