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Thread: Develope spring based water system

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    Default Develope spring based water system

    I recently purchased a house high in the NC mountains. The water supply is a spring. The spring was partially developed and flows into a 1000 gallon cistern. The cistern has a 3/4 hp submersible pump (12 AWG wire) that pumps water, in a 1" pvc pipe, up 20 -30 ft in elevation across about 350 linear ft to the house. The system has a bladder tank on it. The system when I took it over was cycling constantly when a faucet was opened. I temporarily have adusted the pressure cut-off switch to cut-in at 15 psi and out at 35 psi. I tested the tank with it empty to verify there were no leaks. The system runs much better this way, at least it has cut down the cycles. However, after we flushed the system running the pump constantly for about 30 minutes. The next time the pump came on ( a minute or two after the 30 min flush) the pump would not build pressure. Actually, the pump was shutting itself off at the cistern (overheating). The pressure switch was closed and the circuit breaker was not tripped. I finally shut power off to the pump for 15 min., when I turned it back on it at least built pressure and tripped the pressure switch. I have had to be careful of how often the pump cycles to keep the same situation from occurring.

    1.) Any thoughts on what happened when we flushed the system and ran the pump for 30 min?

    2.) Anyone developed a spring? Need to seal spring from varmits, lizards and run-off.

    3.) Anyone put an ultraviolet light on the system to kill bacteria?


    How to install an ultraviolet light

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