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Thread: pump taking long time to reach cut off!!

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    Default pump taking long time to reach cut off!!

    I have a 3/4 hp shallow well goulds pump, about 9 months old, and a new bladder tank as well 40 or so gallons. The pressure switch is a 30/50. No problems til recently. The pump lost prime completly. We changed the check valve on the poly right before the pump and we dug up around the well and changed the well adaptor. Good thing too, it had eroded and had huge openings on it, its amazing we could keep prime. The system did well for a couple days. When it was running great it would only take 3-4 minutes from cut in to cut off. That was regardless if water was on in the house or not. However, the last week when the pump reaches 30 and kicks on it just stays at 30 for 10 or more minutes before finally it powers back up to 50 and cuts off. The time it takes to reach cut off seems to be getting longer as well. Though It seems to hold pressure after cut off as.

    I am perplexed:
    Is my well going dry?
    Is there a crack in the block poly somewhere?
    Would a bad foot valve at the well cause something like this?

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't wantmy pump to burn up. What could it be?

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    The nozzle in the pump could be pligged up. On the Goulds shallow well pumps there is a pipe plug directly underneath the suction port. Remove this plug, and using a piece of wire, you can clean out the nozzle. Once it's clean, the wire should go in about 6" or so.
    Be sure you shut the power off and drain the pressre down before you remove the pipe plug.

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    Default tried the nozzle cleaning

    I did as you suggested, it's that big bolt plug below where the first pipe enters the pump right? If so, I was able to put the wire in all the way on the first try, no resistance or sediment visible, still went through the motions. We will see how fast it reaches cut off. Any other suggestions to why it is taking longer and longer to reach cut off?


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