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Thread: Weil-McLain Ultra 155 and purging air out of system

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    Default Weil-McLain Ultra 155 and purging air out of system


    Let me start off by thanking you in advance for your patience. I am remodeling my kitchen (doing all the work myself) and as I am not a contractor I do need to rely on a lot of research, reading, trial and error and the sage advice of professionals and experienced folks such as yourselves.

    I have just relocated a baseboard unit and installed a toe kick heater so naturally I needed to drain my boiler. Problem is that it is hard to figure out how to purge the air from my system by reading about other peoples systems or trying to understand how it relates to my specific setup. I have already went through bleeding all the individual baseboard units starting with the furthest from the boiler and as I expected it really didn't solve the problem.

    I have taken a decent photo of my boiler and posted here:


    Please forgive the over-labeling but I wanted you guys to have some references when explaining to this eager student of plumbing.



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    Default Try this

    This is how I would bleed your system, but I'm not a plumber just a jack of all trades and you know what that means
    Close B, then close G. Then close D. Use valve c with a short piece of garden hose and a bucket and keep it kinked till you hear no more air coming out.

    Then open G and D, close F, Close E , repeat the above. Then open everything back up.( Except C )I think thats it. Just two zones right??

    You may be able to just close B and use C to bleed to whole system but I've never done it that way. My boiler is set up similarly and I've always seperated it and bled each zone on its own. Hey but what do i know I just kind of looked at mine and went for it, seemed to make sense. Good luck.


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