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    Default Please help!

    The hot water handle in our bathtub has just broke off. We have NO idea what brand the faucet set is, we haven't been in the house but 10 months. The little plastic piece inside the handle broke off and the hardware store said that is going to be a pain to replace. Can anyone tell me what we have to do next? Can we just replace the handle or is it going to be more of a hassle?

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    If you have no way of using the shower until it is fixed then I would call a plumber and see what has to be done to get you water. Can you post a pic of it?

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    As long as you didn't break off the valve stem, you should be able to replace the handle, no problem. Just bring it to a plumbing store and find an equivalent one.

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    Default Emergency handle

    Depending on the handle, you might be able to get by using a pair of pliers to operate the valve. We really need more to go on -- a picture, brand name, etc. "Little plastic piece" could be the top of the cartridge, but doubtful. It'll be cold showers for a while...

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    Default handle

    To a hardware store anything will be a pain to replace if it is not something they sell. Either give us a picture or call a plumber. Do not start buying things to try to make it work.


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