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Thread: Toto Flush Valve Problem

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    Default Toto Flush Valve Problem


    Hi This is my first post. I had a Toto toilet installed yesterday but the new flush valve kept running even after adjustment. The plumber installed a new one but same problem.
    Pressure psi was 94 and he advised to had a pressure regulation valve installed.
    My old Fluidmaster never had this problem. Is the problem pressure of
    valve construction. I have toilet cut off until I know what to do.
    Anyone have a similar problem or suggestion?

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    If your refill valve is always running -- even after being replaced -- it sounds like the water level in the tank is consistently dropping. The easy answer to this is that the flapper is not seating properly. Is the toilet new as well? Make sure that after you flush, the flapper falls back into place and seals against the seat of the flush valve (the white plastic part with the large tube extending from the bottom and middle of the tank). You might need to extend the chain of the flapper to give it more slack. A plumber's visit should have corrected what appears to be relatively simple, but you never know.

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    Thanks, yes it is a new Toto. The plumber even replaced the new valve with another new one but same problem. 2days later after installing a water pressure reduction valve everthing is working well.

    The surrounding area has had watermain breaks and replacement past
    three years. Pressur sucks but we get surges when it first enters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpyg
    Sorry, I can't answer your question.

    However, it would help others to know what model Toto toilet you have. Totos have several different flushing mechanisms, so I would expect the internals can be quite different.
    Don't know the model and not on toilet. The plumber took the carton and old toilet with him and it wasn't on the invoice.

    Looks like problem has been solved.


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    94 PSI is quite too high for household perssure. Should be 80 PSI max, and most plumbers will set it at 55 to 65.

    The Fluidmaster 400A fill valve is less susceptible to hi pressure than some others, but I would always insist on fixing the 94PSI. There are many, many things which can go wrong in your house at this pressure.


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