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Thread: using flange insert for repair

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    Default using flange insert for repair

    I need to replace a toilet flange cemented inside a 90 degree 3" sched 40 elbow. This elbow mates another joint immediately so cutting the elbow off would be difficult. All is accessible from below.

    I saw a plastic "two-finger" flange made by Jones-Stephens that will fit inside the 3" pipe. It has two rubber gaskets that seal when inserted. Could I cut just below the top of the existing flange and insert the new one?

    My concerns:

    1. The insert will cause a reduction of i.d. Could it restrict flow?
    2. The 90 degree elbow is unsupported from below so nothing will hold the gasketed joint rigid.

    Opinions? Advice?

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    Cool Clayton

    The opening in that flange is small enough that you could slightly missalign the horn on the toilet with that opening and create a place for the waste to catch, collect, plug. Besides not being of legal size according to code.

    If cutting out the neccessary fittings and replacing them from below is too big of a job, I would recommend you go buy-rent-borrow a 3" Ram Bit and use it to drill out the flange that is cemented into the 90* elbow and replace the flange. I prefer to use the PVC / ABS flanges with an adjustable stainless steel ring. Glue the new flange in and be sure to anchor it to the floor also before setting the toilet.

    a 3" ram bit is probly about $40 - $50, hopefully you could just borrow one.

    good luck
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    Thanks for the reply. Things have changed a bit since I posted. I need to replace some subfloor too. I've been able to remove the metal ring from the flange. I've located a 2-piece replacement ring that can be fitted to the existing flange: http://store.yahoo.com/wantasub1/galbayflan.html

    After replacing subfloor, I'll have enough good surface to mount this without replacing the whole flange.


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