Like most, I wasn't "rich" enough to buy a stick-built home here in the Puget Sound area, so after buying a manufactured home, we find that some of the "parts" of it are just not working for normal, everyday chores like, say, washing a pot used to boil spaghetti in. The sink, a 33X19 (and not stainless steel), is "ok" but it's rather hard to wash anything of any size in it.

Does anyone know where I could find an AFFORDABLE (under $300) sink
of this size or maybe even 33X20?

We can't do a major remodel of the kitchen yet - we had to re-pipe the moment we bought the home - yet another "thing" that wasn't really explained to us before we bought the home (long story).

Thanks in advance to anyone who give me a hint where to start. I've called all the major manufacturers of sinks - Kohler, American Standard and a few others but *IF* they have them, they are above what anyone who is IN a manufactured home could possibly afford and a 20 gauge sink that is all of 7 inches deep will NOT do since anyone who has seen these cheap sinks will attest to, they would rattle like nuts if you tried to put a disposal on them.