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Thread: Ejector pump taking on water from under slab?

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    Default Ejector pump taking on water from under slab?

    Over the past few weeks, my 2 year old Zoeller sewage ejector pump is running every few hours without any use. And not just running, you can hear whatever it is pumping out running through past the last cleanout.

    There is a kitchen sink, dishwasher, disposal and full bath connected. The bathroom is used every few days and the rest is used for occasional entertaining (monthly at most).

    I don't believe it is the check valve because my wife hears it run shortly after she comes home from work and no one has been in the house for at least 8 hours. Thus, It doesn't seem influenced by the above grade plumbing. I have also checked around and couldn't hear/see any signs of leaking or constant running water from tolet tanks or sinks.

    Is it possible that there is a hole or crack that is allowing the pump to take on water? And if so, is there a reasonable fix without replacing the pump basin?

    FYI: I also have a sump pump that has done a flawless job of keeping the basement water-free and is about 50 feet from the ejector pump.

    So that's it, any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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    Talking you have to live with it....

    sorry to say you got problems.....

    if the sewage pump is now comming on more often

    its probably what you think it is.....leaching through the

    seal on the pump.....

    the only thing you might want

    to try is to lower the water level thta

    your sump pump comes on...

    maybe to come on when your sump pit is only half full.....

    so that the water level does not ever rise up far enough to

    reqach that pipe connection on the side of the sewage


    perhaps that is the problem in the first place.....

    maybe your sump pump has come slightly out of adjustment over time too.....


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