I am putting in an air tub and new shower fixtures. (using a roman tub filler)

I am trying to decide on a shower valve
- to support the shower head -and- a hand held shower (HH)
- and that includes a diverter in the valve.

I like the looks of a couple of the pressure-balancing valves BUT i was told by people at the stores that:

1-with a PB valve the handheld shower will leak - it can't be 'plumbed' enough or something


2- the water pressure on the HH will be low because its being attached to the bottom port (usually used for a tub spout) with the HH being positioned higher (about breast high) and so it will be low pressure because the water pipe will go down first then turn then go up

Is this true?!

I could get a thermostatic valve with an intregal diverter, like the hansgrohe ThermoBalance II - 06580000, that has a side port - but- i am not as crazy about the trim and , honestly, it doesn't appeal to me to have a separate volume and temp control. I mean, I am always going to want full volume, and i am always adjusting the temp, even while taking a shower, so having the temp always at the same place is not important to me.

So really, i want the pressure bal valve -- BUT i want to make sure it will work properly for my configuration

Thank you for your advice!