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Thread: Foul odor near ejector pump

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    Default Foul odor near ejector pump

    Our bathroom in the basement was installed a few months ago. Just about an hour ago we started to smell sewage near the pump. We flushed twice and pump didn't kick on. We'll call a plumber in the morning, but for tonight is there anything I can check to determine why we suddenly have a foul odor?

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    Just wait for the plumber and he will let you know. It could be something as easy as TP preventing the float ball from actuating the switch. Don't flush any more unless you want a possible flood. You could try shaking the PVC but if the pump turns on then you won't know what the problem was and it may happen again when your not there ending in a sewage flood. The tanks are supposed to be water tight but that is not always the case.
    I would wait and let the plumber look and test it.


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