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Thread: Moen diverter removal...help

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    Default Moen diverter removal...help

    I have a three handle diverter that i need to remove. i removed the handle. and then the brass nut that i thought would be the final step, but to no avail... the problem lies with the shaft of the diverter because it is plastic. i have a screw from the handle to thread into it. if that is any help. the base of the diverter is brass and i do not see another nut or anything to grab a bight. any thought????????

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    Call 800-BUY-MOEN for customer service. They're excellent.

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    If you could post a photo that would help.

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    Default diverter

    I do not think I have ever seen a Moen three valve diverter faucet.

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    it is a three handle setup(hot on the left cold on the right and shower in the middle. not three valve. i just need to remove the diverter and replace it. the pic were to big of a file sorry guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by elgucho
    the pic were to big of a file sorry guys
    You should be able to convert your picture file to a smaller one using this link.


    Choose your output file type: JPEG etc., then lower the resolution and quality.

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    good news i called the 800 number for moen and they are sending me a FREE Diverter. thanks guys for the help


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