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Thread: clean out plug

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    Default clean out plug

    What's the best way to remove a corroded clean out plug. The plug probably hasn't been removed in at least ten years and won't budge with a wrench. Any siggestions on how to free it?

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    Default plug

    You have used a wrench, but have you used the wrench and a hammer to hit the wrench? There are many ways to remove a plug ranging from more force to cutting it out. We cannot advise the best way without trying the different options to see what works.

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    If it's one of those brass ones on the bottom of an old cast iron trap, you may have a cuss-fest removing it. Try just catching a chisel on the outside edge then hammering so as to rotate it. Do this all around the diameter of the plug. (Handyman, not a plumber.)

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    Smile A little trick...

    This has worked for me, but I don't know anything and it's not my fault...

    Take two hammers (size doesn’t matter , but I use small ones) of equal weight and give the fitting a sharp rap at the same time on opposite sides. Repeat the rapping around the fitting.

    Good luck and don't crack the pipes
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