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Thread: Replacing shower drain

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    Default Replacing shower drain

    I just mved into a 20 year old home with a badly leaking shower drain. The shower is a two piece fiberglass/acrylic unit. The leak is between the shower base and the drain.

    This is my first time working on a shower drain, and I'm somewhat surprised to see something that looks like it can't be disassembled without cutting the 2" PVC pipe. It looks like the seal between the drain and shower was made by tightening the jam nut underneath, and then solvent welded into the 2" riser.

    The shower's on a first floor above a basement, so I have decent access from below. The opening in the subfloor is not much larger than the jam nut, so getting channellocks in there might not be easy. I don't currently own ones large enough.

    It seems my easiest approach is to cut away the jam nut with a Dremel, and cut the 2" riser, then put in a new drain and make the appropriate connection back to the riser. Anyone have a better idea? Am I mssing something about the way this thing goes together that would allow me to replace the seal without cutting out the drain?

    Thanks in advance!

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    All of your observations are correct. Go for it.


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