I am looking for a tool that will tighten the oatey caullkless shower drain bottom ring which has the little studs instead of the hex type nut. This drain is up above the flooring and there pipes that block easy access. Also the drain was put right through a joist that had to be cut back. I have a spanner type tool but it has to be almost perpendicular to work. Is there a large socket type tool that is made to slide up for these type of drains? I am sure the original drain was put in before the shower was set above. I used a hammer and block to tighten the brass ring but would feel better if I could wrench down the lockin ring. Oatey makes a tool for the top for tightening the compression fitting for the pipe but not sure what will work in limited access for the bottom ring. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is the 3rd one of these I have run into in the last few years and has the least amount of access. Thanks - Don