We've gutted our 22yr old house and are putting in new supply lines. I'm thinking of putting in a home-run system - so 2-2 parter questions.

Are you pro/con for the home-run system, and why?

What size lines should I be using, in either case, traditional way or home-run? I presently have a 1" supply line, and will be doing the following:

2 full bathrooms with large tubs (corner and 6')
1 full bath with 5' tub/shower
1 half bath
1 dishwasher
1 washing machine
Setting up irrigation

Have I missed anything? I have asked my local guy but he does things the old way and isn't intent on looking at anything else. I don't say hes wrong but I just want to cover all the bases before closing things in for another 20-30 yrs.