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Thread: Root Removal Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyoungers
    I don't have a copy of her bills but I believe she said around $500 for drain cleaning and around $2500 for digging up the street

    Consult an attorney before payment is made. This is bordering a legal issue at this point. Knowing the letter of law minus emotions is the only way both parties will be protected in this case.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    You didn't mention if she signed anything B4 they started snaking the lines. If she signed anything prior to snaking then you would have to see what that said first. The communities around here are all different. Some the home owners responsibility is to the tap reguardless of where that is others just to the street then the city takes over. R**O R**TERs fine print makes keeps them off the hook for everything except neglence and they make you sign B4 they start anything.

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    There was no contract ...


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