We have an intermittent sewer gas problem in one of the two bathrooms in our new home. We really only notice it after using either of the toilets during cool weather. At those times the smell is strong, though. The other toilet has no problem. I replaced the wax ring clumsily; then tried again with a rubber valve instead. The third time I used 2 wax rings Ė one on the floor and one on the toilet horn. Still no good. I also shoved a hose pipe down the roof vent and flushed it out.

The house used to have a septic tank but is now connected to the town sewer. Why would cold weather bring out the problem and why would the other toilet not be affected? Could the toilet itself be defective? It is one of those all-in-one units. There is enough water in it. The smell is definitely coming from the toilet and my wife swears it is coming out of the water though Iíve never seen gas bubbling up.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.