I am needing a submersible pump to install in my 325 gallon catchment basin from my spring at the bottom of the ravine (200 feet below the house cistern). The 5GS05422R 1/2 hp 2 wire, 230 volt goulds pump (recommended by the tech help after I described my situation) is like 593.00 plus 20.00 UPS shipping plus tax bringing everything to around $650 or so. That is really expensive. This is the price i got at the local plumbing shop. (List price is like 818.00)

My question is: Is there another brand that is a less expensive similar pump OR should I stay with this expensive GOULDS pump and shell out the cash. I want my pump to last but I don't want to OVERPAY for a pump (if I am paying just for the name, etc).