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Thread: choosing a submersible pump

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    Default choosing a submersible pump

    I am needing a submersible pump to install in my 325 gallon catchment basin from my spring at the bottom of the ravine (200 feet below the house cistern). The 5GS05422R 1/2 hp 2 wire, 230 volt goulds pump (recommended by the tech help after I described my situation) is like 593.00 plus 20.00 UPS shipping plus tax bringing everything to around $650 or so. That is really expensive. This is the price i got at the local plumbing shop. (List price is like 818.00)

    My question is: Is there another brand that is a less expensive similar pump OR should I stay with this expensive GOULDS pump and shell out the cash. I want my pump to last but I don't want to OVERPAY for a pump (if I am paying just for the name, etc).


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    If you have the patience to dig around Graingers website, you might find some bargains. A few months ago I found a closeout for 1/2 hp submersibles at 159$ - "Teel" units with Franklin motors and cast iron heads. I think I bought 5 but wish I had bought 20. I think it is closed now, but they had a "blow-out" website and there I bought several Myers pumps from 1/2 to 1 hp for 100 to 175 bucks. That gives us an idea of the markup on these items...
    I dont think you need to be locked into a brand name if it has a Franklin motor and the pump head is NOT made by harbor freight. I am sure the pump guys on this forum can give you some more thoughts...

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    My 1/2hp Betta Flo (Made in the USA and privately owned) is $378.84. If you put a tank with it for $133.01, I pay the freight.

    Like Raucina said, if it isn't from Harbour Freight (or a few other places I won't mention) they are all alike. Plastic, stainless, cast iron. It doesn't make any difference, they are all the same. You might be surprised to know that nearly all the pump companies in the US are owned either by ITT or Pentair. This goes for swimming pool equipment and a host of other items. Brand names don't mean a thing anymore.


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    Default Speedbump....

    That betta flo pump you have.... it is 1/2 hp but is it or is there a version that will pump to the head foot I need in that brand? With the friction losses and my total head foot I will be at about 228 foot of total head. Do you have a pump curve on that brand of pumps in the 1/2 hp models? I want to make sure i would get the right one. Thanks, Scott

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    Can you describe the construction of the pump head some more - and say something about the company? Always trying to support the NOT big box guys. Would you put it in Moms well?

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    Sorry, I looked on my contour map closely today. I have 200 feet elevation difference plus 28 feet worth of head due to friction loss= 248 feet total head. Does this pump do that? Thanks.


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