Hi - I'm doing a remodel for a client's basement bathroom. Part of it I am replacing the toiulet, vanity and shower stall with new items using the existing piping. They are next to each other. All drain pipes are in concrete, but I looks like the sink and shower drain run straight into the main drain pipe ... under concrete so I'm just guessing. I don't see a vent pipe anywhere for the sink and/or shower. There is only one vent pipe for the whole house on the floor above.

I'm done with the upgrade, now the shower won't drain, the sink drain causes the shower to gurgle . I assume that's because there is no vent pipe? The toilet workrs fine.

I installed the AAV under the sink, no change. There is even water in the standing drain pipe of the sink. So I figured it had to be a clogged drain. But I ran a snake and there was no obstruction I could feel. Plus the snake head was clean when I pulled it out.

So I used a plunger on the shower drain. It popped air and water in the sink and made the AAV pop. I saw some small particles come up and eventually the water drained. But still slowly. Could there be a clog I cant feel and lets the snake through? If so what can I use to unclog the pipes?

Thanks .......