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Thread: Steve Irwin crocodile hunter

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    Default Steve Irwin crocodile hunter

    Steve Irwin, the man that made nature films fun.

    Here's the YouTube news on his death


    It shows how close you can come I guess.
    Death by Stingray.
    I've been in the water with I think with either Sting Rays or Manta Rays in Belieze and Mexico and stung by one in California. The ones in Mexico were a lot bigger. Over ten feet across. I swam right over one.

    In Belieze, they would swim right at you, hoping for food.
    You could even pet them.

    The one that stung me in California was when I ran into the surf.
    It took a few hours for the pain to go away enough to go out Boogie boarding again.

    Climbing Mt. Rainier
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