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Thread: Whistling Pipes, Not the best music

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    Default Whistling Pipes, Not the best music

    I'm sitting with my family for the holiday barbeque and the high pitched whistling every time someone flushes a toilet is horrible. Actually they say it is happening when the dishwasher runs and any other appliance as well. Any ideas what would cause this. It just started about a week ago.


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    The most likely thing is a leaking toilet refill valve. Shut off the water to the toilet and see if it goes away. Fill valves are cheap and easily installed if it is a fairly normal toilet - less than $10. Get a Korky Quietfill or a Fluidmaster 400a if you isolate it to that. While you are playing with it, it may be time to change the flapper valve, too. Depending on what is in there, sometimes it is as simple as replacing the seal...what brand of refill valve is in there?
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    Jim, I have no idea what they have for fill valves. The man of the house (dad) doesn't want to take advice from his 40 year old daughter. Children are never allowed to know more than their parents. I do know that the whistling still happens when the shutoff is in the off position and the washing machine or the dishwasher is running. The house is about 20 years old and some of the appliances don't have shutoff's so he can't isolate all of it. All of the noise offending appliances are on the same run of lines.

    The non stuburn woman of the house (mom) will be checking this board and she (with an argument) will be able to make suggestions. So hopefully she can just suggest changing the fill valves and the flapper and if it works they can cancel the plumber that he called for tomorrow.


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    Default noise

    The two most common causes of noise, when it is not the toilet's fill valve, are a defective water softener, or a failing pressure reducing valve.

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    Thanks, I just found out that they just replaced the fill valve and yesterday the first thing I suggested was the pressure reducer. I think I give up. I've helped as much as I could. The suggestion that there could be a problem with the reducer was met with a kinda "what do you know" response. So let em go pay someone to tell them the same thing.

    Thanks for the replies and assistance.


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