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Thread: Install clawfoot bathtub faucet

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    Default Install clawfoot bathtub faucet

    The taps for this clawfoot tub have a 3/4" thread outlet on the back of the taps. I am just wondering what is the normal way to connect the tub to the shutoff valve? I suppose I could install reducing couplings on the taps, or make a custom supply line in pex, but maybe there is a better way?


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    Normal way to do it is to use "leg tub Risers".Available in several finishes,we usually get them from Elizabethan Classics.In this day and age its become kind of a specialty item.

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    anyway it's not a pipe thread it's a running thread.
    So don't pipe it together.

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    Thx Lancaster, your post pointed me in the right direction. The actual part I needed is called a Bathcock Elbow.


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