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Thread: Clogged Sink? Just replace all the pipes!

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    Default Clogged Sink? Just replace all the pipes!

    I got a call from a lady today to fix a clogged sink drain. Note: I'm just a handyman, not a licensed plumber. The woman said that she had one guy come out there, who told her that the only way to fix the stopped drain was to replace all the pipes. He charged her $40 for that sage advice.

    Instead of doing that, she called a licensed plumber, and he charged her $150 to pour Draino into the sink.

    When I got there, the Draino was still sitting there. It was a messy job, but my little cannister snake cleared out the drain. And I charged a hell of a lot less than $150.

    Just thought I'd pass that funny, but sad story on to you all.
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