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Thread: Pressure Balance Valve is Stuck!!!

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    Default Pressure Balance Valve is Stuck!!!

    I have a one knob shower control. I think its an older Delta, bout 25 years. Anyway, I wasnt getting any cold water so I replaced the cartridge. I think the problem is the pressure balance valve. It is stuck. I tried everything from a flat head to vise grips. Tried using break lubricant and everything. What do you all suggest?


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    Did you get a new one? Cartrage.maybey replace it.
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    I didn't think they were using pressure balanced valves 25-years ago...think you may have some crud buildup in the cold supply side.
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    Default spool

    Delta doesn't give you a lot to grab with that spool. When I encounter one like you indicate your is, I use a hammer and a small chisel and tap it in the unloosening direction. Once you move it even a small amount, then the screwriver or Crescent wrench will finish the job of removing it.


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