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Thread: Slow leak in bathroom

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    Default Slow leak in bathroom

    I came home last night and there was a wet area in my bathroom which is in the basement. I did not see or hear any leak tried all the sinks and toilets in the house. I attributed this to maybe the shower curtain was open and some excess water had been the cause. This morning I woke up and there was a slight sweat of water on the floor below the bathroom sink. I heard a slow drip maybe one every two minutes. Then as I was leaving the drip stop completley and ideas what this might be? Thanks again for all your help!!! Craig

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    If you are seeing water under the sink it's either from a leaky drain or water supply (or did I misunderstand your descrip)?

    There are like 20 different fittings in the water supply and the drain, so you'll have to check each one. Dry both assemblies and the floor beneath thoroughly with a towel. Then turn on the water full power, and feel each joint with your finger for building moisture.

    Most of these fittings will be compression/threaded fittings, so you should be able to solve any leak with a little tef-tape and retightening.

    Am I missing something here?
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    I guess my cocern was the dripping from the wall and that no fitting appeared to have any moisture in the sink but I will give your idea a try tonight. thanks for the advice!

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    Did I miss something? What dripping from the wall? Is the sink enclosed or free-standing?

    First, dry everything off.

    If there are shutoffs under the sink, turn them off and see what happens. If there's a puddle there after turning off the shutoff valves, that's moderately bad news. Let's ignore that for now.

    If there's no puddle, pour a bucket of water in the sink (leaving the shutoffs shut off) and see if any puddles show up. If they do, there's a leak in the drain somewhere, and it should be easy to see and fix.

    If no puddles from the bucket-of-water test, turn on one of the shutoffs at a time and see if the puddle returns. If it does, it's a leak in the corresponding supply line (hot or cold). Should also be easy to see and fix.


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