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Thread: Replaced all galvanized except for.....

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    Default Replaced all galvanized except for.....

    Hi there all:

    I've basically replaced all the galvanized in our house with PEX (Zurn & crimp fittings). All of it that is except for the last foot of stub out to the sinks and toilets (would require opening up the walls - I could reach the other stuff in the crawl space).

    Do you all think I'm asking for trouble? Also, I've done a lot of reading on PEXs and am still not sure I'm comfortable with it yet....... It seems everyone on here prefers the Wirsbo/uponor?


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    Most pex manufacturers have a pex to copper stubout. You may have ended it earlier than optimum. Depending on what you are using, you may use pex compatible shutoffs, but many prefer to make that connection to copper.

    Eventually (or maybe now), those short stubs of galvanized will clog up and give your grief. If the flow to the items are okay, you can probably wait, but it is the weak point in the system. You had an opportunity to look at the insides of the piping when you removed it, so you have a better idea than anyone here.
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    Cut the drywall out and replace that galvanized. Patching drywall is one of the easiest home repair jobs there is. Cut it from stud to stud (at least) then scab a 2x2 or 2x4 on the inside of the two studs and nail or screw the drywall patch to them. This eliminates trying to toe nail to catch the stud which never works too well. Then a little mud and tape and you're good to paint.


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