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    There is a family in need of some plumbing services. Both parents have been battling major illnesses, and have been off work. They are located in PA. If anyone, would like to help by contributing both your time and materials, please private message me. I consider this keeping things real in a very sometimes uncaring, selfish world.

    The family lives very close to also New York. So any plumbers from that area would be close enough in travel. I am willing to pay the first 300.00 in materials. I know that is not much. But, I also realize that it could easily be anyone of us. At any time. Uusally, when you least it expect it.


    My co-workers and I pitched in together and we now have 1,500 to work with for materials...

    Thank you!
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    To those of you who have written me, I just want to say thank you. Plus, everything is taken care of! Materials were donated, all of it, and the plumbers services ( their were 6 of them) agreed to take 1/2 of their normal rate BUT, the companies who donated the materials made up the difference in merchandise for them. I arranged that, and I think it was reasonable and fair, the plumbers felt they got a better deal plus, they get to feel good about doing something for someone else in need. I should add that for every dollar the plumbers did not get, the companies matched them 2 in merchandise. That is how I think they got a better deal.

    The couple is so grateful. It does your heart good. Thank you OH, you are very nice.
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